The Charm of NIKAHO The Charm of NIKAHO

The Charm of NIKAHO

A Town Surrounded by Nature

Nestled at the foot of the sacred Mt. Chokai and bordered by the Sea of Japan, NIKAHO is renowned as the first place in Akita Prefecture where cherry blossoms bloom. The town is a vibrant hub, brimming with the richness of nature.

Dewa's Mt. Fuji, Chokaisan, presents a picturesque view in each season. It is a prime hiking destination for mountain climbers, offering a breathtaking view of the Sea of Japan from its heights.

Abundant Seafoods and Mountain foods

The mineral-rich streams flowing from Mt. Chokai bless Nikaho with an array of seafood. The 'iwagaki' (rock oysters), a summertime delicacy, are particularly famous. Despite their large size, they are known for their firm, richly flavored meat.

Additionally, the 'Zuwaigani' crabs, enhanced by the turbulent Sea of Japan, offer exquisite taste with meat tightly packed inside the shell.

Sightseeing Spots


Mototaki Subsoil Water

This area is renowned for the ethereal white mist created by the subsoil water, lending a mysterious aura to the surroundings. The coolness of the area in summer and its profound beauty amidst autumn foliage make it a must-visit spot.


To-shi Marsh

Located at the northern base of Mt. Chokaisan, To-shi Marsh formed approximately 2,500 years ago due to a mountain collapse. This unique landscape, with its marshlands and small reservoirs, is especially enchanting in early spring and early autumn when morning mists create a magical atmosphere.


Kujukushima Islands

In Nikaho City, the 'Kisakata' wetlands are home to the Kujukushima Islands. These islands, over 100 in number, emerged in the rice paddies due to an earthquake 200 years ago. This spectacular sight has been designated as a national natural monument.